The CDM Group is proud of its extensive experience in a wide variety of activities in the hotel industry, the restaurant business and tourism. From study to project completion and actual management of the property, the highly qualified specialists of the CDM Group offer a wide range of customized services, and are committed to meet your objectives efficiently - even the most demanding.

Where, what and when ?

Worldwide and as needed. For city properties or vacation resorts, mountain retreats as well as lakefront facilities.

Scope of our services:

  • projection/project planning
  • final project definition/project selection
  • phase and project completion
  • management for optimum return on investment
  • problem resolution during operations

The CDM Group may step in at any phase of project implementation, or may assume responsibility for all operations.

Who ?

Who benefits from the services of the CDM Group ?
All who are involved -
intimately or remotely -
with issues facing the hotel, restaurant, and tourism sectors.

How ?

  • in accordance with your needs and objectives;
  • on a schedule as required;
  • with fees set on a case-by-case basis.

Whatever your option may be, we closely monitor each phase in order to preclude any surprises.